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Antonio G.'s 5 star Google review for best exceptional chiropractor

I started going to Dilliard Chiropractic about 2 months ago. The staff is both pleasant and friendly! Dr Dilliard is an exceptional chiropractor who cares about the well being of his patients. My first visit was very thorough. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an experienced chiropractor who knows what he is doing.

Antonio G.
El Cajon, California
Timothy S.'s 5 star Yelp review for best chiro adjustment

I've been going here for 7 years now, and the care I have received is so good that I recommended my wife go. She has been going now for just under 7 years now.

Timothy S.
Lakeside, California
Nicole Z.'s 5 star Facebook review for amazing Chiropractor

Extremely excited with the positive results I've seen with my health receiving regular adjustments from Dr. Dilliard. Dr. Dilliard is an amazing Chiropractor with years of knowledge and experience. He takes the time to treat each patient differently according to their symptoms and takes action with what needs to be done to allow healing to take place. The entire staff is warm, welcoming and a delight to work with!

Nicole Z.
El Cajon, California
Paul A.'s 5 star Google review for best neck treatment

Dr. Dilliard and his staff are very friendly and caring. I've been going here for about 18 years. I realized after my first visit how helpful a chiropractic adjustment can be when Dr. Dilliard examined me and asked about the restricted range of motion for my neck. At first I didn't realize it was reduced until after the adjustment. I've been going ever since, mostly for maintenance but occasionally to address a specific issue. Dr. Dilliard truly cares for his patients, takes the time to listen to your concerns, explains why the problem exists, and provides recommendations on how to improve strength and flexibility to maintain your physical health. He is a great chiropractor.

Paul A.
El Cajon, California
Elle M.'s 5 star Yelp review for TMJ and degenerative disk disease treatment

Dr. Dillard is an answer to prayer! I have been in pain, on and off for years. He has found the source of my problem (TMJ and degenerative disk disease) and has been working on me since Feb. I am finally getting relief.

I have been to many doctors, including emergency rooms and they were not able to figure out what was wrong with me. Dr Dillard figured it out, on my first visit!! He is very knowledgable and cares about his patients. I can't express how grateful I am! I am so blessed to have found him and his wonderful staff!

Elle M.
Jamul, California
Alan R's 5 star Facebook review for best treatment for chronic back pain

I have been extremely pleased with the care received from Dr. Dilliard and staff over the past two plus years. I've consistently had chronic back pain and issues over the last 30 years that kept me on medication. Since working with Dr. Dilliard on my care, I no longer take medication and my chronic pain is kept in check. Dr. Dilliard and staff are professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. They will work with each person to schedule the best care possible.

Alan R.
El Cajon, California
Kathleen H.'s 5 star Google review for best chiropractor for Auto Accident Injury Care

Dr. Dilliard is absolutely the best chiropractor, period. I have been seeing him for years, initially for pain brought on over time from various accidents, incidents, and life in general, and now, mainly for maintenance. He doesn't just treat my issues, he educates me on ways I can help myself outside of his treatments. His staff is also knowledgeable and always gracious and accommodating.

Kathleen H.
El Cajon, California
Matt H.'s 5 star Yelp review for highly recommended chiropractor

I can't say enough about Dr. Dilliard. His office is clean and neat, his staff is friendly and well trained, and his prices are very reasonable for the level of service that you get. The best part is that he genuinely cares about his patients and he makes a great effort to convey this. He will always remember your family's names and what was going on with you last time you were there.

He will spend as much time on you as you need to get back on your feet literally. If need be he will adjust and massage you until your issue has been largely mitigated then he will send you to Rose for some additional E stim therapy. This is not one of those crack-crack see you later chiropractors. He spends the time and does things right.

You will not be disappointed.

Matt H.
El Cajon, California
Amber Rice U.'s 5 star Facebook review for highly recommended chiropractor

I have seen many chiropractors in my life but never one like Dr. Dilliard. He is very patient and very kind. He knows his stuff inside and out and is very good at communicating. The staff is fun and loving and you can tell that every one loves what they do. This is the place to be, the place to get your life back on track and get healthy and feel amazing all in one stop.

Amber Rice U.
El Cajon, California
Cathy S.'s 5 star Google review for highly recommended chiropractor

My husband and I have been seeing doctor Dilliard for years and it has been mainly for maintenance. I can tell you that he has saved my life more than once. He is very attentive and knew I was not at all feeling myself and recognized that I was actually needing more help than my regular doctors were willing to do. Feeling ignored by my regular doctors, Dr.. Dilliard kept insisting that I needed more help than I was getting. Long story short...he called the ER and informed them that I was being transport and all the findings of his treatments and insisted I be taken cared of correctly. If it were not for him caring for is patients the way he does, I would not be here. Love my doctor....he is such an angel. I will continue to see him because I enjoy feeling healthy.

Cathy S.
El Cajon, California
Cathy S.'s 5 star Yelp review for highly recommended chiropractor

I have been seeing a chiropractor since I was 9 months old, so I understand the principles and intent regarding chiropractic care. My mom found Dr. Dillard and the awesome team ar Dillard Chiropractic after seeing me in so much pain due to a bad fall earlier this year where I severely injured my sciatic nerve.

I went through three other Chiropractors before finding a truly gifted, passionate and caring practitioner in Dr. Dillard and his team.

The initial visit consisting of an examination, consultation, x-rays, was more than previous chiropractors did, so, I knew I was in the right place and with the right doctor!

The following appointment was reviewing my x-rays, going over recommendation's, and suggested treatment plan. I'll be honest my pain was so severe it got to the point where for the first time in my life I sought out drugs yes pain killers. I took them two times because working with Dr. Dillard and his talented and caring staff I began to improve, so much so I can say with assurance I have no very little pain far, far, better than when I began going to Dillard Chiropractic. I highly recommend them for any and all health issues you will not believe how much better your health and your life will improve! Thanks to the entire Dillard team you all rock thanlk you so so much!

Kimberle T.
San Francisco, California
Jennifer F.'s 5 star Google review for highly recommended chiropractor

I have been seeing Dr Dilliard throughout the past 19 years. My work is labor intensive, so my lower back and neck are in constant need of his expert attention. Finding a chiropractor with his degree of knowledge and skill along with his level of sincerity and trust has been a true blessing. Dr Dilliard is all that rolled into one and is there waiting to greet you with a smile and a really bad dad joke!

Jennifer F.
El Cajon, California

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