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El Cajon Chiropractors

I have always had problems with my neck – they are pains that come and go. A couple months ago I was looking for a chiropractor when I started to have pain in my right shoulder and found your website. After treatment with you guys I feel better, the pain is less, I have more energy and I sleep better.

El Cajon Chiropractors
Alberta Miller

I am one of your patients, and have been for a number of years. I appreciate what you have done for me in the past and perhaps will do in the future. It is good to know that Scripps, La Jolla has at least twice found me to be in very good health. On my last visit you discovered that my severe pain was brought on with “shingles”. Because I am extremely allergic to the usual medication for shingles, I had to take, as one dose, 2 Advil and 2 Tylenol tablets to help with the pain. On a scale of 1 – 10, my pain for several months was a definite 10. I had to take those 4 pills every one to three hours day and night. The reason that I am writing this letter is to let you know that I am, and have been under the care of James Dilliard, DC., being treated for pain, as well as proper spinal alignment. The nerve damage from shingles had to be treated and healed. After treatment from Dr. Dilliard, my pain went from 10 down to 8, then 5, and now there is no longer any stabbing pain. Perhaps if you have other patients that are suffering and need relief, you might kindly refer such ones to James Dilliard, Chiropractor. His entire staff is knowledgeable, efficient, friendly and helpful. I have been impressed with the effective and gentle type of treatment he uses to address any problem one might have.

You can find the original letter written by Alberta here
El Cajon Chiropractors
Nicole Zaagman

Extremely excited with the positive results I've seen with my health receiving regular adjustments from Dr. Dilliard. Dr. Dilliard is an amazing Chiropractor with years of knowledge and experience. He takes the time to treat each patient differently according to their symptoms and takes action with what needs to be done to allow healing to take place. The entire staff is warm, welcoming and a delight to work with!

El Cajon Chiropractors
Tai Kmak

Dr. Dilliard and his staff are awesome! I wish that I had gone to him before I had surgery on my neck. He has done wonders for me! I have Fibromyalgia and he manages to relieve some of that pain and that I wonderful. I've had back, neck and shoulder pain for over 30 years and I know that some of it is here for life but they have made it livable. I'm so glad that my cousin gave me his information!

El Cajon Chiropractors
Linda Ironfield

Been going to Dr. Dilliard for over 10 years and has had nothing but excellent service!! The staff are extremely friendly and helpful!

El Cajon Chiropractors

I was brought to Dilliard Chiropractic by a family member in March, 2015. I came to the office because in the mornings I would have stiffness in my whole body, along with little zaps of pain in my neck and pain in my lower back down into my legs. My symptoms first developed when I was pregnant with my son and have been continuing for about 3 years now. My condition was preventing me from being able to pick up my now 2 year old son, or play with him.

I have been receiving care at Dilliard Chiropractic for about 2 months now and am happy to say I have no pain or stiffness in the mornings, and I am now able to pick up and play with my son! Doctor Dilliard and his staff are AMAZING! You get in and out pretty quickly and they will work with your schedule. Also, any time they are not available in the office the Dr. is always reachable by phone. He truly cares about the well being of his patients.

El Cajon Chiropractor
Orville W.

I first heard about Dilliard Chiropractic from my daughter and son in law. They had such tremendous results I knew I needed to make an appointment. I started receiving care in May of 2014. I had restricted movement of my neck and major back pain. My neck issues were the result of a fall, the back pain had been increasing with age and poor posture. I had been suffering back pain for over twenty years. My neck pain had been going on for about six months prior to receiving care at Dilliard Chiropractic. Before I started seeking care I could not put in a full 8 hours of work and could not participate in the activities I love or normal day to day functions.

I have been seeing Doctor Dilliard for six months now and am back to having normal range of motion in my neck, relief of sciatic leg pain and minimal back pain. I now have increased energy and have returned to the activities that I love. I have also been able to perform no rmal everyday functions with no problem.

I would highly recommend Dilliard Chiropractic to anyone who has suffered from the same issues that were plaguing me. After six months of constant care I am, for the most part completely symptom free!

Chiropractors El Cajon
James P. JonasJonas and Associates, Inc

As the former Safety Director for a large General Contractor in East County and a safety consultant I would highly recommend the services of the Dilliard Chiropractic Office. With over 400 employees working in the underground utilities business we would encounter many "soft tissue" injuries each month. Because of that our workers compensation insurance suffered and we had to figure out a way to bring this problem under control. We implemented a "Stretch and Flex" program in the field and incorporated Dr. Dilliard's practice into our medical response program. Upon finding an employee with a soft tissue injury we would immediately send them to Dr. Dilliard''s for evaluation. This often resulted in treatment of less than a few visits and some guidance to the employee on how to better prepare him or herself for their work environment. Through the combination of the two programs we were able to reduce our soft tissue injuries by over 75% within one year. When we did have a injury, because of Dr. Dilliard's knowledge and familiarity with the work we conducted the employee spent less time on modified duty and was less of a minimal impact on our insurance. The employees were a bit skeptical at first but within one or two visits they would be won over by Dr. Dilliard's expertise and personality. Word travelled fast through the company about how great this process was and the treatment they received. I personally use this office as well as senior members of the company and their families. As a company option or a private option you cannot beat the care given in this facility.

Chiropractors El Cajon

For 5 years I have experienced constant, severe abdominal pain as a result of extensive abdominal surgery (distal pancreactomy-splenectomy-laparotomy) in March 1991. I have developed acute depression. Because of the pain I could not sleep, clean house, enjoy activities or hobbies, and many days could not work. My life was totally disrupted.

I have tried many therapies and procedures including physical therapies of all kinds, exercise, swimming, biofeedback, acupuncture, hypnosis, relaxation techniques, psychiatric and psychological care, narcotics, celiac-plexus sympathetic nerve rhizotomy, and intercostals nerve block injections of long lasting anesthetics. All were only temporary and partially effective.

Although I have used chiropractic many years for other reasons, there was not a concentrated effort to treat the abdominal pain. Then in February 1996, I had an opportunity to try chiropractic with Dr. Dilliard. In only 5 adjustments, Dr. Dilliard had given me more relief than anyone else had in 5 years. After a few more adjustments I first postponed, and then cancelled, additional intercostal nerve blocks (the main-stay of my pain control), and have not resumed them since. I have made continued progress. At first I would have several hours of decreased pain. Then it advanced to no pain for several hours and reduced pain the remaining time. Now my pain-free time is 1 ½ days. I believe there will be more improvement as I continue my treatments.

I whole-heartedly endorse Dr. Dilliard and the staff of Dilliard Chiropractic. They are professional, friendly, and caring.

Chiropractors El Cajon

18 months ago I was walking through my house and tripped over my cat. I took a huge tumble falling on my right side. I had a fractured hip and was in constant pain. I was taking an enormous amount of pain medication such as oxycontin and percoset on a daily basis. I couldn't walk, I couldn't drive, I couldn't enjoy everyday activities as I was once able too. I met Dr. Dilliard at the Santee street fair and he changed my life. I started seeing him in June of 2010 and immediately started seeing results. I have been receiving adjustments as well as therapy and with them working together my life has changed dramatically. I no longer have any pain. I haven't been on medication and I can walk again. Dr. Dilliard saved my life. I was sad and depressed all the time. He gave me hope and faith that I would not have to live like this forever. He got me better. The staff is wonderful. Gee has taken such good care of me with all my hardships. Stormy and Rachel have given me the most wonderful physical therapy and Lori has a smile from ear to ear on every visit. You can tell they truly care about you and it sets them apart from every other chiropractic office. I would highly recommend Dr. Dilliard and his staff to anyone. I don't know where I would be without them.

Chiropractors El Cajon

Dr. Dilliard is a tremendously gifted chiropractor. Through his expertise I have had many health issues healed. I have had a lot of allergies - food, environmental and dental materials - and each time Dr. Dilliard has addresses the issues and brought me back to perfect health. He has focused on the bones, nerves, tissues and organs that need to be worked on. He always listens carefully and always offers valuable advice.

Dr. Dilliard helped me with the healing of my eye after a serious eye surgery that I had. I was unable to take most of the eye medications due to allergies, but through Dr. Dilliard's understanding of the central nervous system and of blood flow to organs, he was able to help my eye heal and restore its sight. My eye surgeon is amazed at how well I am seeing and at how quickly my eye tissue has grown in.

I would highly recommend Dr. Dilliard's chiropractic office. He is dedicated to helping people get well and live free from pain. He has many years of experience and expertise. I appreciate his holistic approach to healing. He has resolved for me so many of the physical issues that medical doctors have been unable to help me with.

Chiropractors El Cajon

I have been a long time patient of Dr. Dilliard's. 13 years ago pains started in my head. I first came to Dr. Dilliard then and came back again when my back pain got to the point where even the strongest painkillers like oxycodone were not helping me. I was fixing our bed at home and by the 4th day I could not move. The right side of my lower back was in excruciating pain. I couldn't take it anymore. I knew I needed to find another option. Immediately after coming into the office I was feeling relief. I was able to stop taking the pain medication and poison that was going into my body. Little did I know it at the time but my chiropractic adjustments were helping much more than my back pain. I have been suffering from High Blood Pressure for over 8 years and have been on medication since I was first diagnosed. I take my blood pressure daily to keep it monitored and have noticed since my adjustments started that my blood pressure has lowered significantly and the amount of medication I need to take has been lowered with it. I feel amazing. Along with my adjustments the exercises and homecare that I have been prescribed have improved my life on many levels. I feel better both physically and emotionally. I truly love this office and will continue to be a lifelong patient. I would recommend Dr. Dilliard to anyone. He has changed my life. I have been seeing chiropractors for 60 years and Dr. Dilliard is truly the best. When you find a chiropractor you like you stick with them. One thing is for sure I will be with Dilliard Chiropractic for a long time.

Chiropractors El Cajon

4 years ago when I first started walking my mom noticed that I was walking very pigeon toed. My feet would point inward and I was tripping much more than normal children should be at my age. My Aunt took me on a trip to the zoo and in that 1 day alone I tripped 6 times and my parents knew this was not normal. My mother took me to my pediatrician and he said this was normal for kids learning to walk and there was nothing he could do about it. My Mother knew that was not right and asked for a referral to an orthopedic doctor. He told my Mother that my bones had already formed and I had developed a serious developmental deformitiy of my right leg similar to a club . My tibia was turned in and it was putting severe pressure on my hips. They said the only things we could do is a wait and see approach or fit me for Brown Brace Fitted Reverse Shoes. My parents decided to do that. I was 4 years old when I had to start wearing them. The braces were so uncomfortable. I had to sleep with my parents because I couldn't walk to get up to go to the bathroom. I would toss and turn and tear up the sheets. My mother started coming to see Dr. Dilliard first and told him about what was going on with me. She started bring me 18 months ago and everyone noticed a difference in my walking within the first few months. I was tripping less and the best part is I didn't have to wear my braces anymore. When I went in for my physical in November which was 8 months later my pediatrician noticed a huge difference in my hip and back alignment. At this point I had been off of the braces for 6 months. I feel so much better and I am so grateful to Dr. Dilliard for everything he has done for me.

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