Stress Management

If you've ever dismissed a sleepless night or pounding headaches as "just stress," you're underestimating the power of a formidable foe. Stress can have a detrimental impact on your comfort, health and wellness in a number of ways, from tight muscles that create chronic pain to reduced immune function and impaired systemic health. Drugs only provide temporary and incomplete relief from the potentially debilitating cycle of stress, discomfort, disease and more stress. Fortunately, you can obtain drug-free relief through safe, natural techniques to banish stress from your body -- with the aid of our chiropractor, Dr. Dilliard.

Stress Management

Stress and Your Health

The body's responses to stress have their benefits if you're in a critical situation. Our ancestors had to be ready to react instantly to the many predators and other dangers surrounding them. Even today, the brain signals the release of cortisol and other stress hormones when we feel threatened, readying you for fight-or-flight action. Unfortunately, the modern world seems to throw an unending stream of potential threats our way, from work deadlines to the constant human interaction made possible by mobile communications. This can out you in a constant state of stress - and that's bad news for your body.

Chronic stress may keep your muscles tight and clenched. This not only encourages stiffness and fatigue, but it can also cause the development of knots that refer pain to other parts of the body. Muscles in the neck that tug at the base of the skull can produce tension headaches; emotional stress is also a known trigger for migraines. This muscle tension can even affect your spinal alignment, straining vertebral joints and causing larger musculoskeletal issues -- with the resulting pain adding to your stress. Extended stress can affect just about every other system in the body as well, from cardiovascular health to disease resistance.

Stress Management Options From Our Chiropractor

Since all the external stressors of everyday aren't likely to go away anytime soon, you need strategies for dispelling that stress and preventing it from wrecking your well being. Our El Cajon chiropractor can identify stress-related musculoskeletal issues and employ natural, non-pharmaceutical methods of treating them. If your alignment has been affected by constant musculoskeletal stress, chiropractic adjustments can relieve pain and stiffness in your joints. Periodic screenings and adjustments can help you maintain greater range of motion and spinal stability, allowing for improved posture and less muscle strain. Optimal alignment also means optimal nerve function for a higher level of overall health.

Our chiropractor may also prescribe massage therapy to de-stress your body. This modality is extraordinarily effective at loosing tight muscles, relieving painful spasms and the referred symptoms they can cause. Exercises and nutritional counseling can help complete your stress management program.

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